Welcome! search below for our spa products and healing services.

Welcome! search below for our spa products and healing services.

Connecting the World with the Otherworldly


Connecting the World with the Otherworldly

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Welcome to Enchanted Realms! At Enchanted Realms we focus on providing top quality organic spa products for everyday use to help initiate balance and wellbeing.  We also offer workshops for groups and companies who would like to learn more about different healing techniques that provide tools to start living your best life!

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About Me

Natalie Toma's interest in healing started as a young child.  She always felt a connection to want to help people which led to her eighteen year journey into the healing arts and metaphysics.  She is a certified Massage Therapist, attuned Reiki Practitioner in Usui and Holy Fire Reiki, she has also completed her 200 Yoga Teacher Training along with the Yoga for Anxiety at Red Head Yoga studio, she is also a certified Fairyologist, Realm Reader, Angel Card Reader, and Dragonologist. She has completed a certificate in Wiccan studies, facilitated full and new moon ceremonies, completed an arch angel training course, and completing a course in energy medicine yoga.

Natalie is passionate about helping others explore the positive and healing side of life.  She started Enchanted Realms as a way to introduce magic and healing back into our everyday lives.  She honors the essence of every living being.  Her hope is that one day we can allow our true selves, our real selves, to be exposed and to start loving one another again.  She believes having peace in your life allows you to become a more radiant individual and letting peace flow throughout your being brings a general sense of well-being.  With her magical ceremonies, oracle card readings, Reiki & Yoga sessions, in addition to her essential oil/spa products, her wish is for you to enjoy each and every moment with a sense of peace and gratitude.  

Enjoy the Enchanted Realms and allow yourself the opportunity to be enchanted by all of life's beauty and magic!  


What To Expect

I offer custom healing services and workshops that focus on connecting with earth energies, I facilitate full and new moon circles, guided meditations, crystal healing sessions, how to incorporate chakras in your life , reflexology and much more!  I also offer angel card readings in person, on the phone, or by email. 

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For questions or requests for customized healing services and workshops, please send me a message. I will get back to you soon.

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